Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Colorado Paradise

Wow. Our family vacation was amazing. 14 hours and we were in beautiful Colorado. We stayed in a cabin that I found on VRBO (let me know if you want the number!!). Seven nights of pure perfection. The view was amazing, the weather was awesome, and it was just great to spend time together. We can't WAIT to go back!!

This was taken from our back deck the afternoon we arrived. Did I say amazing view?!?!?!

One of the kids favorite activies was fishing. Myles LOVED to fish from the little bridge over the stream (and he looked SO CUTE doing it!).

Macy also enjoyed picking flowers. She was SO proud of them!

We all took advantage of the hot tub. The evenings were pretty cool (in the 40's), so the hot tub felt great.

We also had a pool tournament. Kyler won (although it may have been rigged slightly)! Curren was a pretty good sport about it. I guess hanging out your tongue helps your shot?!?!?

While we played pool, Macy & Myles had a dance party. Did I mention how cool this house was?!?!?!

At least part of every day was spent just hanging out. Kyle, Bill, Barb, & I played cards (pepper!) almost every night. We all took turns lounging in this chair....I've already tried to find one online...it was so comfy!

We also spent a day taking a 28 mile trek up the highest paved road in North America (over 14,000 ft!). The drive up Mount Evans was SCARY but Kyle did great and the views were amazing!

Seriously scary road up the mountain!

We spent some time hiking as well. Curren climbed EVERYTHING! The boy has no fear.

Right after Kyle took the picture above, a rock kicked back up at him (he must have been teetering on the edge of a loose rock???) and took a hit right below the knee! After trying to decide if it needed stiches (duh!), Kyle & I headed to the nearest hospital (50 minutes away!) and he ended up with 17 stiches. It didn't slow him down too much...good thing he's tough!

The last day we were there, we went for a 6 hour hike! Bill joined us for the hike to the glacier. Kyle thought we should take a "shortcut" and it ended up being very steep! Bill was quite the trooper and did awesome!

Kyle & I and the boys continued to climb higher and the views kept getting better and better. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work! It definitely felt a lot better going down! The boys even slid down some of the glacier!

Who needs a beach anyway?!?!?!?

Of course we had plenty of opportunities for throwing rocks in bodies of water and posing for pictures. Some of our favorite things!

Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of all 8 of us....Macy wasn't exactly in the mood for more pictures. It was a WONDERFUL, relaxing vacation and it was very hard to get back into the swing of things this week. We can't wait to plan a vacation for next year!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Look at those eyes (and that hair!)

Tonight I snapped some pics of Miss McKenna! Krista (McKenna's mom) and my sister Heidi were BEST friends until we moved to Denver 15 years ago. It was fun to catch up with Krista and take some pics of her BEAUTIFUL 9 month old daughter. McKenna has the prettiest eyes ever! I am quite jealous since I don't have a single blue-eyed baby!

Hope you enjoy Krista - I told you I couldn't wait until I got back from vacation! :)

Isn't that just the cutest outfit ever!?!?!?!

Check out those eyes!!

I couldn't decide which I liked better - color or black & white - so I posted them both. Pretty darn adorable in both!

We had to make sure to get a pic of McKenna's toes...it was the first time Krista painted them. Too cute!

You can't forget about that crazy hair. I think her expression is perfect!

Enough is enough...no more pictures!

Thanks for the fun time Krista! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous and it was fun to take pictures of a little GIRL for once! Lots of baby boys in our family right now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

silas timothy

Silas Timothy got to be my first newborn photo session. :) By no means am I a professional photographer (it's always free!!), but it sure is fun to pretend to be one! We took over 550 pictures tonight!!!! Here are a couple of my favorites....

Cute little Carlson toes...

Love it that his umbilical cord is still attached. :)

Of course I couldn't decide which "hands" shot I liked better...he is such a cute baby!

Such a cute little mama too....

Ahhh...this one makes me want to have another baby! There's nothing like sweet little kisses from your own little one!

Jayda loves to hold her new baby brother...

Family of Five!