Saturday, October 30, 2010

handsome hansen's

Jess & I have been trying to make a date to take pics forever and this afternoon finally worked out for us! Are these boys gorgeous or what?!?!? SO proud to call these little guys my nephews! :)

Jaxon and Austin look like they could pose for a magazine!

Jaxon got a little goofy with us....he did NOT want to show his teeth! Silly boy!

These boys have A LOT of energy! Running and climbing constantly! :) Jess is one busy mama!

Since the boys smiled so well, they got to go see the water. It never fails...boys LOVE to throw rocks in water!

Check out the hands in the pockets!

Gotta love sunlight as it's setting....these boys are golden! Love you, Jaxon & Austin!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Curren had his final football game today. The really cool thing is that they get to play in the dome! Here's a pic of Curren after his game. Curren's team went 6-0. Way to go, boys!

That's Curren making the tackle. He had quite a few good hits this year. For his first year ever playing football, he did great!

Curren had quite the fan club....thanks to so many of our family for joining us!

A few weeks ago, we went and watched Bryce play for CF. I think Curren (#23) has a ways to go to catch his big cousin! :)

Although it was a lot of fun watching Curren and his team play football this year, we are very excited to watch him run next year!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Check out the hands on these boys. ADORABLE! They have such a sweet bond!

It's only been a few months since I saw these boys, but I can't believe how much Hudson has grown up! He's such a big boy now!

Tara and Justin live in town in Waverly, but have these amazing woods in their backyard. I could tell that the boys love to play back there!

Oh, Hud, you make me smile...

Hudson and his "apples" and the mini-Curren :)

Happy Anniversary, guys! You have a beautiful family!

While I was with Tara & fam, the rest of my family was checking out some old tractors plowing the field across the street from the Matthias farm. What's really cool is that this is Tara's grandpa! He definitely has great taste in tractors! :) I've seen many of these old tractors in parades in Denver, but it was cool to see them in action!

There was also this old steam-engine tractor with a very old plow. I think Myles thought it was a train with the way it sounded. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

beautiful harvest

Harvest is always a fun time at the farm. The boys love it (especially Kyler). Plus, it is just beautiful there! Here are a few of my favorites from this afternoon...

I am always amazed by combines. I like Kyle and Myles peaking out from behind. Combines are SO massive.... plus, this one is my favorite color. :)

Kyler LOVES harvest...

Steve (running the combine) told me to grab my camera since he could see some amazing spiderwebs from the cab. I would have to cool is that?!?!?

Zoey had to get in on the action too. I know this is gross, but she was SO proud of herself. Not sure what happened to the other half....

Can't wait until we get to do the corn! :)