Saturday, December 31, 2011

two week old beauty

Oh my word. This baby is GORGEOUS! It was fun to take some pics of Heidi's newest niece, June Colleen Homan (Noah & Lindsey's daughter). We turned up the temperature in my den and she loved it! That head of hair is amazing!!

It was very hard to pick favorites since she is SO cute but here are a few of them!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

what's up, matthias fam?

So according to my sister, it's been WAY too long since I've updated my blog. I'll ignore the fact that she doesn't even have a blog, but regardless, here's a monster post to catch up on the last few months. (You're welcome, Heidi. :)

My three youngest kiddos, with two of them being extra goofy. Jazzy often sits on the counter while I'm in the kitchen. Luckily, she's not mobile yet so it works.

Kyler completed his basketball season - the first year they got to play actual games. He did great! He's starting to really enjoy playing basketball and he works hard. There are some very good kids in his grade so they should be fun to watch as they get older.

We finished the gym floor!!! Kyle worked SO hard on this the past year and all of his efforts have paid off! My parents helped us put the coats of finish on and Lo helped paint the lines (THANK YOU!!). It was done just in time for our Thanksgiving festivities - which always includes a few intense games of knock-out!

I love how it turned out. I think I've mentioned this before, but it's our high school's old floor. Kyle actually got this out of the dumpster (can you believe they were just going to throw it away?!?!?), cut it to size, routered the edges, installed it, and sanded it down. The coolest part is that Kyle's dad, Kyle, myself, Curren, and many other family members have played on this floor while it was at the high school. For those that love to be sentimental (Kyle!), it doesn't get any better!

The little ones enjoy the space too!

It's a fun place for the family to hang out!

Jazzy loves her daddy. She is pretty content most of the time. She likes laying on the floor, and standing in her jumper. At almost 6 months she still hasn't rolled over!

Jazzy got to take her first "real" bath. Most of the time she takes a quick bath in the kitchen sink or gets rinsed off in the shower. The verdict is still out if she enjoyed it or not. The big kids thought it was pretty cool.

Myles got to go to the fire station for preschool! Heidi and Lo have done a great job teaching preschool this year. I'm so thankful that Myles gets to be one of their students!

Curren went to his very first Vikings game!! Thanks to my brother, Curren got to tag along to a game. He had a GREAT time despite the loss. It's been a tough year for the Vikings!

We headed to Wapsie Pines and found a tree. The kiddos got to decorate it themselves this year. All I did were the lights. They did an excellent job!

I love getting this little nativity out every year. It's plastic and I set it on our window sill - low enough that any of the kiddos can play with it. I love this scene that the kiddos did the first night - all eyes on baby Jesus!

We don't have a real mantle yet, but I LOVED hanging five little stockings this year!

We celebrated Christmas & my Grandma Brody's 80th birthday in early December! I think we had around 45 people in the house. So thankful that we have space to spread out!

I had to travel for the first time since Jazlyn's been born. :( It was just three and a half days to North Carolina, but it made me very sad. It was the very first time that I've ever been away from one of my baby's before their first birthday. Thankfully I found out about the trip back in September and had plenty of time to prepare. Thanks to my amazing sister-in-law, I had plenty of "mama's milk" to feed Jazlyn while I was gone. My doctor said I won the award for strangest question of the day when i called to ask if Jazzy would be okay to have Jess's milk. He said it's much more common in other cultures and as long as Jess didn't have an diseases it would be fine. :) Jess blessed us with over 100 oz of milk that Jazzy drank without a problem while I was at work in the months prior to my trip. When I left for North Carolina, it lessened the guilt just a bit knowing that Jazzy would still get my milk the entire time I was gone. Jazzy snuggled right into me the night I got back. Baby girl NEVER snuggles and she burried her head into my shoulder and just hugged me for several minutes. It was SO precious and a moment I'll always be thankful for.

Curren LOVES his baby sister. Out of all the big kiddos, he still asks if he can hold her the most, and will just come up to her and talk to her. It is such a sweet bond between a big brother and a baby sister.

Jazzy thinks it's pretty funny to talk on Mama's phone...

We celebrated Christmas at Grandma Barb & Grandpa Bill's on Christmas eve. It is one of my favorite days of the year. Lots of good food, good company, and relaxing!

I LOVE this picture of Summer. I think she's a little excited?!?!?

This was Jazzy's first Christmas present she opened. She liked the bags & the paper just as well as the gifts inside!

Myles got a wrestling champion belt from Grandma & Grandpa. He LOVES it. It's so funny when he puts it above his head as the champion.

Big Girl on Grandpa's tractor rocker.

Whenever you hold Jazzy, she wants to touch your face. Love those kissable little fingers.

Christmas morning at our house!

Macy got a karaoke machine. She LOVES it!

Myles got Packers gear (Yes - we have both Packer & Vikings fans in the same house).

Curren got a punching bag with gloves....

And Kyler got a dart board...

I know you are jealous of my sweet pj's from Barb. I LOVE them. Our house is often cold and these keep me toasty warm! :)

Jazzy got a big-girl high chair that attaches to our kitchen island and a cute elephant that ears flap. She enjoys them both!

She also got these sweet leg warmers. How precious is that?!?!? And I don't know how it's happened, but suddenly she's not a little baby and can lean against furniture to stand!!! Here she's checking out Zoey really for the first time. Zoey is a good dog to put up with it!

Seriously, how cute are those legs?!?!?

Nothing beats the wrinkled-nose smile from our Jazzy girl! Hope you enjoyed the update, Heidi!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Jazzy has changed looks a lot in her quick 5 months. At various times, she's taken on the looks of all her big brothers and sister. Lately, a lot of people tell us that she looks like Kyler right now, and looking at these pictures, I'd definitely say it's true!!