Sunday, May 16, 2010

Perfect Day for a Wedding

I got to pretend to be a photographer today and take pictures of Kory & Rachel. It was a lot of fun!! The weather was absolutely perfect!! Here are just a few of my favorites. Congrats guys!

Friday, May 14, 2010

New Smile

Kyler sure is proud of his new smile. Won't be long and the new ones will be totally in. We'll enjoy it while it lasts!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Birthday boy, cousins, track meet & diaper-boy

Happy Birthday to Curren! On May 2nd, Curren turned ELEVEN! I cannot believe how fast the years are flying by. Curren has grown up so much in the past year. He is responsible, a wonderful student, and a great big brother. Plus, he's becoming quite the runner! He's put on over 100 miles during the track season with Kyle's team. His longest run is over 9 miles! I am SO proud of my Curren James!

I also love it that he will still pose for pictures. I wonder if he'll let me take his senior pictures someday?!?! That will be here before we know it!

The traditional birthday picture with Grandpa. (just ignore the pathetic decorating job - not my speciality!)

Flashback 7 years ago to 2003. :)

We also got to take a few pictures of Jaxon for his birthday a few months ago. This is one of my favorites. What a sweet six-year-old!

Kyler & Jaxon are such good buddies. They love to hang out together and always get a little goofy.

The boys competed in a track meet on Sunday. It was SO much fun and they did really well! Both boys ran the mile among other events. Curren ran a 6:02 and was just edged out of first place, and Kyler won his age divison with an 8:34 time. Looking forward to many more meets in the future!

The boy Curren lost to was the Hudson coach's son, Phillip Canfield. Jacinda and Kyle have gotten to know eath other through the girls teams, and I am sensing a LONG rivalry between Curren and Phillip. He's just a year older than Curren and also practices with the girls track team. This is the homestretch of the mile. A close one! (And that's Kyler in the back watching the end...he got lapped but I love it that he's in the picture too. :)

I love this picture of Kyle and Kyler. I love Kyle's smile cheering Kyler on, and the fact that Kyler is watching Dad instead of where he's going. What a neat moment to capture.

Oh,Myles. In a few short months, he will be three. I can't tell...does he look a little old to be wearing diapers???

And I can't have a post without all my kiddos. Miss Macy modeling in one of her big girl dresses. I think she changes her clothes 3-4 times a day!