Saturday, November 12, 2011

6 years old

Macy, Jazlyn, and I had a great 'girls day' yesterday. Macy got her nails done, we shopped, went to HuHot, picked out a new outfit at Kohl's, took some birthday pictures, and picked up Scratch cupcakes ("chocolate-chocolate"). It was a fun day to spend with my now 6 year old. It is crazy how fast she is growing up.

Macy loves all things girly. She was SO excited to find some high heels, and she picked out a beautiful red dress. It was sort of cold outside to take pictures, but Macy did great. She really wanted to take some with her new doll, Molly, too. She named her Molly because that's the name she had picked out for Jazlyn. :)

Macy LOVES kindergarten and is doing awesome in school. The spelling/reading is really starting to click for her and I love to see all of the sentences she writes at school. She is very artistic and even was one of three kindergartners to have their artwork displayed at the library's art show. Macy is a great big sister to both Myles and Jazlyn. She and Myles are still so close. I'm glad that school hasn't made her "too cool" for him and they enjoy hanging out.

She loves staying up late, watching TV, coloring, and picking out her clothes all by herself. I'd say her style is "colorful" as she rarely picks out stuff that matches, but I love it. She prefers skirts over pants, and when she's cold, prefers sweaters over sweatshirts.

I love my big girl and am so proud to be her mama. Happy 6th birthday, beautiful princess!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

why not

The kiddos wanted to carve pumpkins last weekend. I'll be's not my favorite thing to do. I am the one that usually ends up cleaning them out, and I don't really enjoy the mess.

This year, I told the kids that if they wanted to carve pumpkins, they had to do it themselves....I wasn't going to clean out the goo. They were good with that and were so excited. Even Jaz got to sit with them on the kitchen floor.

I'm not sure when the pumpkin carving turned into a food fight, but it did. Now normally, I'd stop them immediately (unfortunately it would probably be by scolding them). But they were having SO much fun. I really wish I would have had a video camera just to capture their giggles.

Pumpkin goo and seeds were EVERYWHERE. But their laughs were absolutely priceless. Kyle and I really enjoyed just listening to them. It was so cool to hear all four of them together. With Curren being 12 already, I know that time is already getting short for all of them to enjoy doing something like this together. The kids actually did a pretty decent job of cleaning up after themselves too. I'm thinking I might allow this to be a yearly tradition. Although, next year, we might move it to the back deck or patio....

Friday, November 4, 2011

four months

I. Love. This. Baby. Girl. 

It is that simple.  It's crazy how you can't imagine your life with another baby while you are pregnant.  And then they arrive, and quickly, your heart swells and you can't imagine life without your new little one. 

I love everything about this baby.  I love the way she chews on her hands constantly.  I love how her face lights up when she sees you.  I love how content she is.  I love those middle of the night feedings.  I love how she attacks and chews on her spit rag.  I love her sweet, quiet little voice.  I love her chunky thighs.  I love this baby.  SO thankful that she is in our lives.....happy four months, sweet Jazzy girl.