Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Middle of August? No way!

How is it already the middle of August. I CANNOT believe that the boys start school next week. That is just too weird. Not a lot of time to write today. You'll have to settle for pictures! :) (sorry they are in such a random order!)

A great pic of my sweet Kyler. Next week he'll be six! He is so sad that school starts next week. He says that he will miss hanging out with Dad at the house!

My newest nephew! Jonah Raymond Carlson. What a little sweetie! :-) Lo and Cliff have such a cute little family! I was honored and privilaged to witness his arrival! What a miracle! Gets me everytime!

View of the house from the highway. I am humbled by the size of this thing. We are both counting on it being a blessing...a safe place for family and friends to gather. :)
View from the gravel road, traveling north. This is before we added the garage. We will definitely add trees to hide the "squareness" of the place! View of the family room (there is still a wall missing - the triangle shaped hole on the second story). Kyle and I are excited - we've never had a loft before!
Miss Macy curling her hair. She knew EXACTLY what to do with it! She is such a girlie girl! (and don't is NOT plugged in!)

Kyle and I in our private den. If you look close, you can see Curren swimming on a tube in the pond!
Front of the house!
Another sweet shot of Miss Macy. She concentrated SO HARD and was so proud of herself! Let me know if anyone would like a manicure! :)

This is the face I get from Curren when he doesn't get his way. The eye roll is quite popular right now. I think it's a sign of things to come! On a happy note, he has been such a good helper at the house. Dad even lets him drive the skidloader and lift! Yikes!

Sweet Baby Handsome! He is so precious! Almost 14 months old and FINALLY has his first tooth! We are still waiting on the walking.

A couple weeks ago Kyle and I went muling! It was A LOT of fun and the scenery was BEAUTIFUL! We just rode around in the wilderness in the Denver hills. Denver really is God's country, as Kyle refers to it! :)

My mule, Rose. She was the prettiest one! :)

Enjoy the final days of summer! See ya soon! :)