Friday, July 18, 2008

Another House Update 18Jul08

We continue to make progress on the house. It's been fun watching it grow! I know these pictures probably all look the same to most of you, but every new wall is exciting for us! They are currently working on sheeting the outside of the house and framing the second story walls. Hopefully by next week we are working on roof trusses. Kyler was excited that he can see Grandpa Bill's barns from his bedroom! :)

This is last Friday when Kyle and Joe were putting up some of the last walls on the gym. On Sunday, Cliff and my Mom came over and definitely helped! This is how all the trusses were set. They are walking across the trusses already in place and it's a 20 foot drop if you fall. I'm glad that part is over!!!

My mom is WAY tougher than me....I wouldn't go up there until they had some of the flooring done! The trusses were SO cool! This is a shot standing in the gym and looking up.
Myles was FINALLY allowed to play in the sandbox this week! He absolutely loves it! However, I figured out that it's much better if he has a binky in his mouth - he eats less of it that way! :)
If you look closely you can see Kyler. This is in the garage. We had to get LOTS of sand to fill this. Kyler loved playing in it! Our first trip to Gates Pool this summer. I couldn't belive how big Macy was! She could go all the way to the first rope by herself! The girl has no fear!
One of the rare moments that Curren is at home with me - I think he's spent 99% of the summer at the pool or working at the house - as you can tell by his tan and sun-streaked hair!Over the 4th, Myles and I headed to Alabama with Bill and Barb to meet the newest little Matthias. Neil and Kelsie had Isabella Grace at the end of June. She is a cutie!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

House Update 10Jul08

Here are some updated pictures of the house. They are just about done with the trusses on the gym side. Hopefully by the weekend we'll be putting on floor! It's a slow process but we are making progress! Maybe we'll move in by Valentine's Day???? Christmas probably isn't going to happen... Definitely worth the wait!
The view from the family room - main floor (the lower hole in the middle is the fireplace)
lots of walls/trusses...this was earlier this week....there are more walls now! :)
Kyle and my Dad working on the wall...sure glad we have the lift!

does that girl have the most gorgeous eye lashes or what!?!?!