Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March Update

Hello again!

Wow - where does the time go? I can't believe it is March already! Although it sure doesn't feel like March, does it??? We have MAJOR spring fever at our place right now! The snow can't melt fast enough! Curren and Kyler have had 8 snow days this winter. Hopefully they won't have any more or they'll be going to school all summer!

Curren just finished his basketball season. It was the first time he played in a league. He was a little apprehensive in the beginning but I think he grew to like it. At the beginning of the season he was dead-set against playing next year. After the last game, I asked him if he wants to play next year and he said yes. A little while later I overheard him ask Kyle if he would be his coach again. Big props to dad on that one!

Kyler is truly my little man right now. He looks forward to church every week so he can wear his dress shirt, tie, and vest. He looks absolutely adorable! On the other side of the spectrum, he LOVES to help dad move snow at Grandma Barb's house. I'm sure he'd be driving the skid loader by himself if we let him!

Miss Macy still reigns the house as the princess. One day I told her "no" and she replied with "I a princess!" Excuse me! I don't think the girl will ever lack self-confidence. Especially with her dad calling her "Beautiful Princess" all the time!

Myles is already 8 1/2 months! He is such a sweet baby. Seriously, they keep getting easier and easier.....makes me wonder how #5 would be! ;) He still has no interest in crawling but that's fine with me. He's much easier to watch when he'll just sit in one place!

Below is a video I took of Myles earlier this week. He is not real interested in baby food as you can see. However, what makes this video even more hilarious is that the more I laugh, the more he hams it up. Such a little personalilty already! Enjoy!

At the rate I'm going, I'll see ya in June! :)