Saturday, June 26, 2010

and baby makes fourteen

Yesterday I had the privilage of being part of Lo's labor and delivery. With the arrival of their baby #3, we now have 14 grandkids on the Brody side. 4 boys, then 5 girls, then 5 boys. All healthy beautiful babies, and all relatively easy, smooth deliveries. The funny part about it is that I have been there for the birth for 12 of them! I LOVE it and will be sad once we are all done having kiddos!

Lo was SO awesome. Once baby boy was out, the midwife said it was her easiest birth since being in Iowa. Thanks Mom for the awesome genes that you've given to all of your daughters. :)

A few of my favorite pictures from the afternoon...

Family of four for the last time. Right before heading to the hospital. Hard to believe she's 6 cm right there and it's just under 6 hours before baby arrives.

Jayda stayed at the hospital to help mom. She was very patient waiting for the new baby.

Won't have that big belly for much longer...

Baby is JUST about here! Jayda and Grandma are getting excited!

Welcome baby BOY Carlson! Lo go to hold him for over 90 minutes skin to skin. We left the room shortly after the birth to give Mom, Dad, and baby time alone. So special!!

One last shot before we left. The "tree of life" that sustained and grew that precious baby boy in his mama's tummy...

Congratulations to the family of five!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

baby handsome is THREE

Oh, Myles Wynn, how is it even possible that you are three!?!?!?!? You are such a sweet little boy. Mama loves you SO much!

Here are some pics of the birthday boy. He got a fishing pole for his birthday and he was SO excited to go fishing this morning! Sneaking in a few pictures first at the farm was a struggle but you would never know that looking at the pictures! Myles, we are so excited that you are "TREE" and can't wait to see how you continue to grow this next year - especially by getting out of diapers! :)