Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Myles!!!

Myles turned ONE today! I simply cannot believe how fast the past year has gone. So much has happened in the past year for our family. We sold the only home our kids have ever known, moved into a TWO bedroom rental, Kyle quit his job to stay home with the kids (a HUGE blessing!!!), Curren had his first of many basketball seasons, Kyler completed his first year of all-day school, Macy got out of diapers (oh wait.....we are still waiting for that one!) and our Baby Handsome was born! I know I say it every post, but he is such a good baby. From almost conception he has been this easy going, no care in the world baby.

A Trip Down Memory Lane....
Myles was definitely what you call a "surprise." I was happy with our family of five. Two boys and a girl. All three years apart. I was busy planning a birthday party for our one year old princess and the boys were settled into school. Life was good! On November 1st, 10 days before Macy's first birthday, SURPRISE! Holly's pregnant AGAIN! I had taken several pregnancy tests the day before but just did not believe that I could be pregnant. I went to the lab for bloodwork to see if it was true - pretty sure I was in denial. I was in Target when I got the call from my midwife that night....I was DEFINITELY pregnant! Kyle and the kids were in the car waiting for me. I decided to get Kyle a 6 pack of beer....figured he might need a beer for the news I was about to tell him!

Fast forward to 20 weeks. We go to the hospital for our ultrasound and decide to find out the sex of the baby. We are thrilled to find out it's a boy. I know it sounds crazy, but I just could not imagine having two princesses. Macy will definitely be well protected as she grows up!

A few days after my ultrasound I get a call from my midwife while I was at work. She tells me that during the ultrasound, they found cysts on the baby's brain. She told me that this could be a really big deal (lead to death?!?!) or it could be nothing. I would have to go to Iowa City for an advanced ultrasound to find out. I was shocked. For one, the ultrasound tech never mentioned her concern while we were there. I thought all was healthy for our baby boy. Plus, I never had any complications with any of the three older ones so this was new territory for me. Of course I immediately turn to worse-case scenerio and worry myself sick. I only had to wait two days before I went to Iowa City, but I was a nervous wreck. I literally made myself sick. At this point I know a lot of you reading this would say that you turned to God and you were at peace knowing that He was in control, but to be honest, that was really hard! I was scared and just wanted the best for my baby. I prayed a lot in those two days and I know a lot of my family and friends did the same. Thankfully, they determined in Iowa City that he was a perfectly heathly little baby boy. As it turns out, many babies have cysts like Myles did. When no other symptoms are found, they aren't a problen. Whew! Praise God that I could enjoy the second half of my pregnancy. It was just two days of agony, but gave me a small glimpse into how life could have turned in a very different direction. I am so thankful for my four beautiful children!

Fast foward 18 more weeks. Labor and Delivery! I know this sounds crazy to most people, but I LOVE labor! I was blessed with my mom's genes and therefore have very easy labors! I went to work on June 21 just like I had every day of my pregnancy. I had been having contractions, but nothing regular so I thought I was still in good shape to make it to June 25th (the day my Aflac hospital insurance policy would kick in - $2000 bucks just to have a baby!). I'm sure most of you don't remember, but on June 21st, there were severe storms in Waterloo with tornado warnings. I was supposed to go out to eat for one last "girls night" before baby was born. The kids and I were downstairs in the basement watching TV, making sure the storms weren't coming our way. I am not a big fan of storms....especially tornado warnings (on a side note, the past month as NOT helped that fear!). Anyway, I'm pretty sure my nerves are what started my contractions. The warnings ended and the girls and I decided to go out to eat anyway. Through dinner I had more and more contractions. I blew them off and was once again in denial...after all, I was still waiting for that Aflac money! I went home and the contractions were getting stronger and stronger. However, instead of hopping in the car to go to the hospital, I tried to go to bed, hoping they would stop. Boy was I wrong! At about 2:00 I decided I better call my midwife and head to the hosptial. There was no way I was going to make it to the 25th! We called Barb and Bill offered to stay at home with the kids so Barb could accompany us to the hospital. I called my parents and they met us there as well. Let me just say my labor was SO peaceful. I know that sounds crazy, but it was just great. Being there in the middle of the night made the room quiet, no kids running in and was just special. I decided to get in the tub to help speed up the labor even more (this ALWAYS helps me. I STRONGLY recommend it to those that decide to go natural). By 5:30, the contractions were even stronger and I decided I really didn't want to have baby in the tub. The last few contractions before I started pushing were almost surreal. For some reason, they were almost painless. (The picture below was less than 10 minutes before Myles was born....did I mention that it was Men's Night at the Country Club the night Myles was born......notice "sleepy" dad in the background. Sure can tell this is # 4)I remember saying that I felt like I was cheating - it was too easy! I also remember rubbing my big belly one last time thinking that it could be the last time that I ever have a baby inside of me. With one big push, Myles Wynn Matthias was born (dad "caught him" with his bare hands). A healthy 7 lbs, 8 oz baby boy. I was privilaged to have my parents and Barb in the room with us. This wasn't the plan originally, but it was such an awesome labor that it was really special to have them join us. It was pretty cool.
Probably the best part of that night was also the first hour of Myles life. My midwife and I had discussed how important the first hour of life is. There are some hormones released during the first hour between mom and baby. The skin-on-skin contact is great for mom and baby bonding. So anyway, everyone left our room (even the nurses!) and they didn't even weigh him for the first hour of his life. I held him, talked to him, kissed him, nursed him....I can't even describe how special that time was.
As baby number four, he obviously was going to have to share mom's time as be grew up and it was just cool to have those moments to look back on. By the end, he did pee on me too...between that and the "cheesy stuff" that was still all over him, we were a sticky mess! :)

Fast forward a year....Myles has continued to be the most content, easy going little boy. He goes with the flow and hardly makes a fuss. He is obviously used to chaos with three older siblings. He doesn't have any teeth yet and has no interest in walking. It's funny when we try to get him to stand....he pulls his legs up and refuses to put them down. "No legs" as we call it. :) He gets where every he needs to go...either by crawling or by making a peep...someone will always pick him up. He loves his brothers and sister. Macy and him are going to be good buddies as they grow up. Baby Handsome, Hammy, Prince of peace, Little Man....he is definitely a blessing and oh how I love my baby boy!

Sorry this post got so long. Thank you for sticking with it to the end and for letting me go down memory lane tonight. I leave you with some pictures of our birthday boy from today.

Have a great week!

Holly & family

Eleven Grandkids!!!

"Photo Shoot" at Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bill's house. (if you click on any of the pictures they will open up even bigger)

Monday, June 16, 2008

June 2008

Oh my....I am SO SORRY! In my last post, I was totally kidding when I said "see you in June." And look, here it is June!!! Where in the world does the time go??? Summer has started and that means baseball, t-ball, the pool, and golfing! Okay, so it hasn't been warm enough for me to swim, but Curren and Kyler have enjoyed it so far (you can tell by Curren's tan below).

Curren is in baseball and it's the first year of "kid-pitch." It means a lot of walks, but he's enjoying it. He played first base one game and did really well! He's improved a lot even since the start of the season.

Kyler is in his second year of t-ball. He is much more attentive this year! I haven't caught him playing in the infield sand yet! :) He is VERY ready for the work to begin on the house! He is definitely into machines and work. This past weekend he told me he can't wait to use his drill that we got him for Christmas. He definitely will be Daddy's helper!

Miss Macy is growing up too fast! She is so funny....runs and plays hard with the boys. However, she still is very girly. She loves to have her nails painted and wear dresses. Our big goal for the summer is potty training! She shows little interest so far but is definitely smart enough to figure it out. I listen to her talk in her perfect English and I CAN'T BELIEVE I still change her diapers!

Myles is ONE on Sunday! I can't believe my baby is already a year old! He has finally taken off crawling all over the place, but is not ready to walk yet. That is FINE with me! He is such a sweet baby. He is quite clingy to his mama right now.....I love it unless I'm trying to get things done! We are celebrating his birthday at the park on Sunday. Maybe I'll even post again after that. I don't know...twice in one month might be pushing it!
We are all anxious for the house to get started! They dug the hole a few weeks ago but we are still waiting on concrete walls so haven't done ANYTHING yet. We are more than ready to get out of the apartment! Hopefully the weather cooperates and building goes smoothly! Below are lots of pictures over the past few months.

Enjoy! Holly

Myles and Dad at one of Curren's early soccer games
One of the first trips to the park this past spring.
Curren and Grandpa Brody's Birthday (May 2nd)
Myles checking out the grass
Our new home (someday!) This is the day before they dug the hole.
We have a hole! That is A LOT of dirt/mud!

We have footings (and unfortunately, it's been that way for a couple weeks now!)

Myles - a couple weeks before his first birthday!Daddy's BEAUTIFUL Princess (that was Macy's response when I asker her what her shirt said)

Kyler - working out :)

The boys wrestling in our family room - luckily they quit before someone got hurt!

The whole fam - Father's Day 2008

I love this one....4 kids - 4 different personalities! :)

Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bill's house makes for AWESOME backgrounds!