Friday, February 15, 2013

What?!?!? A new blog post?!?!?

So I have NO idea how 9 months have passed since I last updated my blog. I guess life with 5 kiddos can get busy. :) Here's a glimpse into the rest of 2012. I figured with baby girl joining us in around 8 weeks, it was time to get this updated, since I know I'll want to put precious new pics of her on here! Starting where we left off (in MAY!).... We headed to the High School State Track Meet. This is always a fun thing to do and this year I took off a couple days from work, and we watched the track meet, and went to the zoo (we splurged on the train ride while we were there..).

The kiddos spent a LOT of time at the pool!

Macy and Myles completed their first year of t-ball! (how cute is their bond?!?!?!?)

Curren & Kyler qualified for the state Hershey track meet. They both made the medal stand! Kyler in the standing long jump and Curren in the 800 & 400!

Jazzy girl wore some CRAZY hair and binkies. This actually served a's olive oil in her hair that I FINALLY combed out all her cradle cap (it worked AMAZING!)

Myles Wynn turned FIVE! How in the world did that happen?!?!?

We said goodbye to my parent's adorable pupplies...

Our precious Jazlyn Jane turned ONE!! The first year just flew by and was such a breeze with our easy-going little girl (it's not until recently that we renamed her "Spazzy" as her attitude has definitely arrived!).

Jazlyn had NO PROBLEM finishing off her birthday cake. She was so serious eating it - definitely on a mission!

We went to Adventureland with Bill, Barb, Neil, Kelsie, and Izzy. I think Macy might be a little "too cool" for the Frog Hopper. Izzy on the other hand LOVED it!

Barb and I joined the kiddos on the raging river and got SOAKED. We laughed and laughed about it - but you won't find me on it again any time soon (that water is so nasty)!

We went on a relaxing, amazing family vacation with my family! There were 27 of us (I think) in 4 cabins and a lodge about 3 hours north of Minneapolis. It was a great week of relaxation, cousin bonding, good food, sun, and swimming in the lake.

We were home for two weeks, and then packed our bags and headed to Florida!! It was exciting because it was the first time the kiddos have gotten to fly! We stayed at a little home RIGHT on the beach. Anna Maria Island was just perfect for us! We were beach bums most of the time...

Jazzy enjoyed a spaghetti dinner on the floor thanks to no highchair (I know - gross, right??).

We ate some good food. One of the best was at this sweet little restaurant right on the water.

Our first family picture as a family of eight! :) (little did I know that I was prego at this time!)

Beaches make the BEST backgrounds!

Our cute little cottage. I'm literally standing on the beach. It was a GREAT find on VRBO - my favorite site to find vacation homes!

A gorgeous double rainbow on our last day...

This is what happens when we try to take a picture of the two of us (or do anything just the two of us for that matter)...usually interupted by kiddos!

We flew back home literally the day before school started. Don't they look excited to be back?!?!? Curren (8th), Kyler (4th), Macy (1st), and Myles (pre-k). Myles was very excited to start school and even gets to ride the bus like the big kids!

The first day of school was also Kyler Neil's 10th birthday! Welcome to double-digits to my laid-back 2nd born. He is such a GOOD kid!

Newest member of the Brody family... Meira Jane! (at least i think that's her middle name?!?! too many nieces and nephews - i can't remember!)

We got a hot tub! I haven't been able to enjoy it because 10 minutes is just not enough time to warm up, but the rest of the family loves it!

Jazlyn FINALLY started walking around 16 months! She definitely wasn't in a hurry, and why bother when someone is always willing to pick her up!

Macy Jo turned seven! She is definitely my girly-girl (notice all the jewerly) and loves art! She has been blessed to be able to spend time in the high school art room almost every day after school, and just loves to create!

We knocked out two traditions in one when we got our Christmas tree and visited Santa the day after Thanksgiving. Jazzy wasn't too sure about santa...

At the end of November, we found out that baby #6 is a GIRL!! We are thrilled and beyond blessed to have 3 boys & 3 girls. She is beautiful and we can't wait to meet her!!

Jazzy has turned into a snuggler! She loves to lay on the couch with you - especially when she has her binky and blanky with her!

Kyler is into building things! Here is one of his sculptures. He discovered that a hot glue gun can be A LOT of fun!

Grandpa Bill & Grandma Barb got a new vehicle on the farm! Dad thought it would be fun to pull the boys behind it in the snow. They had a blast!

The boys played a LOT of basketball this year! Here they are in their new gear (thanks Grandma Barb) with their favorite teams.

My gorgeous girls..

My boys are wild and rough! Wrestling is common, and usually doesn't end until one of the gets REALLY mad, or is crying. Sigh..

Zoey's favorite part of the day...any time that Jazzy is eating! She ALWAYS shares!

Well, that's it! The rest of 2012! 2012 definitely had some great moments. We are blessed with 5 awesome kiddos. It was also the most trying year of our lives with some big changes for our family. Kyle and I were definitely not sad to see 2012 go and look forward to completing our family in 2013!