Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kyler Story - 4 years ago

Wow - 2 months has passed since updating. Oops! Sorry! Life is busy and WE ARE FINALLY IN OUR NEW HOUSE!!! Update and pictures soon! But first, wanted to share a cute Kyler story. I was digging through old emails at work and found one I had written 4 years ago when Kyler was 2 1/2. I read it to Kyler yesterday and he got the biggest kick out of it. Myles just figured out how to get out of his bed at night too so hopefully we don't have a repeat! Enjoy....

(Kyler 2 years old)Here's a Kyler story sure to bring a smile to your face…
This morning, when I was ready to leave for work, I noticed Kyler's light on but the door closed. I didn't even bother opening the door because I knew what it meant - he was downstairs. He's pretty smart for a two-year-old - he thinks by closing his door, I'll think he's sleeping…well maybe if he learns how to turn off the light!
Anyway, I head downstairs to see what awaits me. I see a million lights on and the TV is blaring. I round the corner and see Kyler wide awake and POURING WATER from a water bottle (that he had filled) into Mattie's cage. Mattie, Kyler, the floor, and the cage were all soaking wet.

Then, I round another corner into the kitchen and see chocolate milk ALL over the floor- including the rug. He managed to get a little bit into a bowl full of fruity pebbles that he had also gotten out (BY CUTTING OPEN THE BAG WITH SCISSORS - HOW SCARY IS THAT?????). Plus, there were markers and a coloring book spread out all over the table and my recipe cards that had been on the counter were all over the living room, among all his other toys. Yikes! What a MESS! I'm sure he was up half the night!

The best part? I still got to go to work and leave the mess for Kyle. Oh was he happy with me! There a DEFINITELY perks to being a working mom! :-)

Needless to say, I headed straight to Wal-Mart after work and got a child-proof door knob for his room. I'm sure he will scream all night begging to get out!